Presentation of the Education for Peace Project

This is a Project that incorporates the best of past experiences to enhance the creative potential of the children and youth in War Torn and Civil Conflict areas.

Just think about it, in the next 5 years... What information, tools, and experience will 8 to 15 year-olds in these areas have?

  • To dream, imagine and hope for a better future?
  • To create an environment of peaceful coexistence?
  • To build a better life for themselves and their families?

If nothing is done, what will these children & youth become in the coming 5 years? What are we doing to positively impact and support this next generation?

Rebuilding their societies will take a lot of time. Giving them hope and an open-education will not!

This Project is focuses on the next generation growing up in War Torn and Civil Conflict areas. These are 75 million children & youths of which 17 million live in refugee or internally displaced camps!

It proposes alternative life choices through ’Distance Learning’...

Coming from an Education System that is:

Versatile, Comprehensive, High Quality, Internationally Recognized; and, Responsive... To the needs and volatile and inadequate conditions children, adolescents and youth face in Refugee Camps and Temporary Shelters of Conflict Areas around the world.


The Proposal

The first part of the Project aims to create and field-test the core-tools needed for the Education for Peace Program.

The Project will be a step-by-step, layered, collaborative undertaking, open to the wide range of actors present in the education sector.

The Project will build its program based on existing resources and experiences:

  • In outreach and ‘distance learning’ in rural areas of USA, Canada, Australia, etc.;
  • Within their community: elders, professionals, development agents, women, and youth;
  • And of course, contained in the IT support to be provided!


Let’s create more Genuine and Reliable Opportunities for World Peace!

Thank you for your time and attention!