‘The errors of the past are our wisdom for the future’

This website is aimed at the next generation of field practitioners in aid & development work. People who often do not meet due to: time or money constraints, language barriers or organizational cultures.

My vision is that - in the world of ‘aid & development’ - we need to learn from the past. We do not have to continue to 'reinvent the wheel" with each generation of workers! This is a waste of precious time, effort and money that can be better spent in ‘hands-on’ work that supports people’s efforts to change their living conditions.

To achieve this goal, we need proposals for change and lasting (sustainable) impact; as well as a system of learning and participation of all concerned.

Both can be facilitated and accelerated through timely, credible and relevant feedback information.

Monitoring & Evaluation can be some of the most effective tools to promote social change and learning - if practiced by both the people who will be benefiting from the changes and the ones who are supporting their efforts!

Do the present and the future have to be a repetition of the past? I say no!